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Stunning Glass Fencing Solutions Sydney-wide

Harness the beauty of your surroundings.

Glass fencing adds an aura of elegance to your lifestyle. Whether for your home or office, our glass fences exude a sense of warmth and vibrancy in your personal space.

Whether for stairs, balconies, handrails, or pools, our strong and sturdy glass fences are a perfect solution to meet function requirements and achieve aesthetic excellence.

As a leading supplier of the finest glass fencing solutions across Sydney, you can expect a wide range of frameless, semi-framed and fully-framed designs that appeal to different tastes.

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glass fencing
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glass fencing
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Our Glass Fencing Solutions Include


Notch up safety without sacrificing style with stunning glass fences for balconies. Shun the dull and drab concrete or other steel rails when you can have quality glass fences installed with immaculate precision to measurement and design.


Indoor or outdoor, our glass fences are exceptionally popular among residential and commercial property owners Sydney-wide. Intricately designed and built-to-last, the glass fences improve safety and aesthetics of your stairs.


Get an unobstructed view of the surroundings with glass pool fences that are custom-made to meet your personal preferences. With or without a frame, our glass fences are a safe and valuable solution for indoor and outdoor pools Sydney-wide.

Walls & Partitions

Gone are the days of living surrounded by concrete walls that limit human interaction to the surroundings. Have our glass fences installed as full-size walls or partitions to create smart and smaller spaces while enhancing the interior decor of your house or office.


Create a sight to behold with our enamouring glass handrails for balconies, staircase or any other elevated outdoor spaces. Our innovative design, manufacturing excellence, & professional installation will leave you in awe without breaking the bank.


Our bespoke glass balustrades are a mark of design excellence across Sydney. Create a notable difference in architectural finesse with versatile glass fences tailored to meet your unique needs.

Need something that is not listed above?
Our industry expertise reaches much beyond the aforementioned areas in the residential and commercial sectors.

Feel free to talk to our knowledgeable and trained glass fencing contractors who made us the #1 choice for glass fencing Sydney-wide.

Safe & Secure Glass Fencing Solutions for Homeowners Sydney-Wide

Many homeowners still prefer traditional material for fences such as wood or metal despite the obvious shortcomings – poor durability and unsightly appearance against uncertain Australian weather.

Relieve your mind from fears involving the safety and security of your family and prevent trespassing with our glass fences. They promise benchmark resilience and longevity against erratic weather throughout the year.

Be it any size or style, you can trust our skilled and trained fencing contractors for providing innovative designs that meet functional excellence and exude enviable impression around. From standard pre-fabricated designs to made-to-order, SFG can prove to be a reliable and affordable choice all over Sydney.

Consult Professional Glass Fence Installers Sydney-wide

Sydney Frameless Glass work with you to get the most out of your property. We have extensive experience as we have worked with architects and contractors on a variety of different jobs that have shaped the services that we can offer.

Our skilled team of staff have the experience to realise your design concept as well as the overall vision for the property.

We do not discriminate whether the application is internal, external renovation or new build altogether. Our installers are versed to successfully deliver projects demonstrating the varying magnitude of scale and design requirements.

We strive to minimise the impact that we have on your daily life without compromising the personal feel of our services.

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