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Form meets function

When a bathroom design exudes cleanliness, the overall feeling in the room is correct. Sydney Frameless Glass work to ensure that the frameless shower screens are not only stunningly designed but they are also functional.

Joined to the wall and floor with unnoticeable clamps, these sleek screens offer an absolutely clean look and blend in with the solid surface. Whether you have a small bathroom or spacious spa-like interiors, our frameless shower screens are a perfect match to meet your distinct taste for luxury, style and comfort.

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For further information or to organise a free measure and quote, you can contact Sydney Frameless Glass on 1300 388 920.

Easy to clean and maintain shower screens can make what was once cramped feel open. Do you wish to replicate the same ambience in your bathrooms? Consider choosing from pre-fabricated glass shower screens or consult our specialists for custom solutions.

Notch Up Interior Decor with Frameless Shower Screens

Add Value + Style to Old & Outdated Bathrooms with Glass Screens

Every customer has unique requirements for shower screens. From size, shape, material design to even overall structure, our shower screens present a plethora of options for customers to choose from.

Features of Shower Screens

  • Versatile and affordable option for homeowners
  • Made from A-Grade toughened glass
  • Clear and/or frosted glass
  • Invisible fixing points
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Durable for long-lasting use

Leaving behind a seamless or spotless impression, our frameless shower screens are a unique and elegant addition to uplift your bathroom.

Frameless shower screens promote a minimalistic lifestyle in your bathroom. Declutter your shower recess with glass screen enclosures to create a partition from the remaining space. The absence of frames eliminates the possibility of dirt and grime to settle down, and thus you no longer have to spend hours cleaning bathrooms

Make a safe and hygienic choice for your family with our strong and sturdy showers screens, pool fences, glass balconies, stairs, glass handrails and many similar solutions for your home decor.

We boast a spectacular collection of shower screens with and without frames that best suits your design expectations and budget. Let us know about your unique requirements so that we can proceed with our work.

What Makes SFG, The Homeowners Choice Across Sydney

  • A family-owned company with 15+ years of experience
  • Close connection with architects, suppliers and contractors
  • Seasoned designers and installers
  • Superior quality Australian glass and hardware supplies adhering to 1288 standards
  • Genuine warranty on products
  • Reasonable prices

Whether it’s for your home, hotel or any community space, SFG is just a call away to provide exceptional quality shower screens that add more light and lustre to your bathrooms.

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    For further information or to organise a FREE measure and quote you can contact Sydney Frameless Glass on 1300 388 920.