What Is Glass Balustrade?

June 4, 2022

A glass balustrade is a safety barrier made of thick tempered glass that is commonly used on staircases, balconies and pool fences. There are three main designs to choose from when selecting a glass balustrade:

Framed – Individual panes of glass that are framed with metal or wooden structural supports. These are a good option for older style homes as the frame material can be designed to match the existing features of the home.

Semi-frameless – Uses minimal framing to enhance views. These are a good option for those that are looking for a clean and modern look with metal accents.

Frameless – Uses safety clamps instead of frames for completely unobstructed views. These are the best option for those seeking an ultra-modern look that showcases your surroundings. 


Glass Balustrade Benefits

Glass balustrades are a great alternative to traditional balustrade materials like wood or metal for a number of reasons:

Safety –  Glass balustrades are made out of tempered safety glass that is designed to withstand high levels of force without cracking or shattering. Glass balustrades must comply with Australian Safety Standards, which ensure that they are safe. They also usually have very few thin gaps, making them safer for young children who might be tempted to squeeze through the gaps between balustrades.

Unobstructed Views The most notable benefit of using glass over other balustrade materials is that they are essentially invisible with no comprise on safety.

Extremely Durability – While many people think that glass is fragile, specially treated toughened safety glass is actually extremely durable and weather resistant, unlike wood and metal.

Allows More Natural Light – Non-transparent materials can block light and cast shadows while glass balustrades allow light to flow freely and reduces the need for artificial lighting. This makes staircases safer due to the clear illumination of the treads. Glass balustrades are perfect for creating a bright airy look and can even work to create the illusion of more space.

Low Maintenance – Glass balustrades aren’t only extremely durable against the elements, they are also easy to keep clean. Standard glass cleaning products and a lint-free cloth is enough to keep your balustrades nice and clean. If your balustrades become damaged (e.g. scratched), it’s also possible to polish them back to perfection.


What Can Glass Balustrade Be Used For?

Glass balustrades are a safe and beautiful option for a number of applications including:

Pool Fencing – Safety fence surrounding the perimeter of the pool in compliance with Australian Pool Fencing Rules

Balconies – Safety barrier around balconies

Staircases – Safety barrier along the length of the staircase


While glass balustrades are a great option for safety fences and staircases, they can also be used around entertainment areas as a yard border or simply to create a separation within your home.

Glass balustrades are a safe, attractive and durable option for balconies, pool fences, staircases and more. If you’re considering installing glass balustrades in your home, contact Sydney Frameless Glass today.

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