October 15, 2020

Homeowners in Sydney who have a pool on their premises understand that they must install a pool fence that complies with the state’s regulations to ensure the safety of everyone, especially young children.


Statistics published by the Australian Safety Authorities show that children are more susceptible to these risks if pools are not safely secured by proper fences. Those who are planning to have a swimming pool this summer need to ensure their pool fences are up to date to ensure safety. It is unfortunate to know that many homeowners are willing to invest in swimming pools but are less likely to spend the extra money to invest in the safety of glass pool fencing. Sydney Frameless Glass provides quality glass pool fences at affordable prices, and our final product is aesthetically appealing – 100% guaranteed.


With glass pool fences becoming more popular than ever, let us look at the advantages and why many people are now replacing their old pool fences with frameless glass ones.


1.       Aesthetics & View

The beauty of glass pool fencing is that it provides an unobstructed view of the pool area, providing safety without compromising the safety requirements. You can appreciate sitting with your friends while the kids are enjoying the pool, as you can still see them. Even the spigots in the glass sheeting can barely be noticed as they are short and attached to the base.

2.       Functionality

Glass pool fences are reliable when it comes to functionality, as they are extremely sturdy and do not easily break or shatter. This is because the tempered glass we use at Sydney Frameless Glass is heated to over 700 degrees then cooled quickly, which allows them to withstand heavy forces.

3.       Rust-free & Maintenance

With our quality glass pool fences, you do not need to worry about rust or maintenance, as they will never rust, and they require truly little maintenance. No paint or lubrication, just clean with water and dishwashing liquid and you are done!

4.       Windbreak

Glass fencing is a great shield against the wind, keeping the wind out while still allowing the sun to shine through. Perfect for summer days to protect the little ones and ensure safety while still being a great feature in the cooler months to keep the wind away while you enjoy staying outside.


Sydney Frameless Glass specialises in quality glass balustrades and pool fences in Sydney, with hundreds of completed jobs across the city where we have provided outstanding customer service and delivered exceptional value. We offer a quick turnaround time so we can install the glass pool fences in a timely manner without compromising the quality. Contact us today to learn more about glass pool fencing for your pool!


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