Stay Safe: 15 Pool Safety Tips to Keep Everyone Safe This Summer

January 12, 2021

While it has not been exceptionally hot yet this summer, many people are enjoying their pools. It has been a tough year, and everyone needs to relax with the family while staying safe due to the evolving pandemic situation, and what is better than enjoying your pool area? Nothing beats this, especially when pool safety tips are followed and the pool fencing is in place.

As a leading pool fencing company in Sydney, we have put together a few safety tips to ensure the most popular summertime activity remains enjoyable and safe. This is especially true for those who have children around the pool, in which case glass pool fencing is highly recommended if it abides by the NSW fencing requirements.

Check out our important pool safety tips:

1.      Always watch children if they are in or around the pool. The best way to do this is to be physically around them or to have glass pool fencing so that your vision is not impaired at any time. Ensure there is a designated person who is watching to avoid any lapses. 

2.      Learn how well each child and adult are at swimming to assess the risk and know who could be more in need. 

3.      If you own a pool, it is better to enrol all the family members in swimming lessons, since the pool will be frequently used. 

4.      Stay away from pool drains, pipes, and other openings to avoid entrapments.

5.      Put signs where relevant to avoid any unnecessary problems. 

6.      Remember that fun toys such as water wings or noodles are not designed to keep children safe. If a child can’t swim, fit them with an appropriate personal floatation device.

7.      The following should always be handy or easily accessible: a mobile phone, first aid kit, flotation device, and a pair of scissors to cut hair, clothing, or a pool cover if required.

8.      If anyone is missing, look for them in the pool first.

9.      Share the safety instructions with family, friends, and neighbours.

10.  Have at least one person who is incredibly good at swimming.

11.  Learn how to perform CPR on children and adults and update those skills regularly. This is an important life skill that helps beyond swimming. 

12.  Install a pool fence from a reliable pool fencing company that is in line with the government’s regulations.

13.  Install and use a safety cover on your pool when not in use.

14.  Install pool and gate alarms to alert you when anyone goes near the water through motion detection systems.

15.  Ensure your pool or spa has compliant drain covers.

If you have a pool or are planning to have one this summer, your pool fencing is one of the most important safety features. Talk to the Sydney Frameless Glass team today to get your glass pool fencing sorted and enjoy summer fun in the sun!

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