Semi-Frameless vs. Frameless Shower Screens

January 18, 2022

A shower screen is a glass panel that serves as a barrier to protect your bathroom from the shower and bath area. While there are many styles of shower screens, they are all designed to fit between the wall and the edge of the shower to help avoid water splashes onto the bathroom floor. It is basically the modern alternative to a shower curtain that will not only add a touch of style to your bathroom but can help ensure it stay dry.


With so many shower screens designs to choose from, it can be hard to find the right one to install. The ‘right’ shower screen will depend on the style you’re looking for, type of shower and amount of space available. The shower screen design will definitely impact the installation process and final cost.


What Is Semi Frameless Shower Screen?

Semi-frameless shower screens refer to thin shower frames that have a continuous or seamless appearance around the edges of the glass. It is a hybrid of traditional framed and frameless shower screens. When a frame is incorporated, thinner glass can be used as the frame will provide support whilst frameless shower screens need to use thick glass to compensate for the lack of support. Semi-frameless shower screens don’t compromise on style as the frame is usually very slim and comes in different finishes that can match the style of your bathroom.


Semi-frameless glass shower screens tend to use thinner glass panels and are usually more affordable as the glass is less expensive. They are also the better choice for bathrooms with uneven walls, small bathrooms and bathrooms with showers that are installed at an angle.


What Is A Frameless Shower Screen?

A frameless shower screen is a glass shower screen that doesn’t feature any frame at all and requires thicker glass. Frameless shower screens are the most popular choice for those that are looking for a modern look. They are slightly easier to install, fit and clean than semi-frameless screens because of the fewer edges. They are also very popular for bathrooms with low natural light since the absence of frames allow more light to go through.


Semi-Frameless and Frameless Shower Screens Differences


Depending on the style, both options can look aesthetically appealing. The semi-frameless shower screen has metal clamps and joints in the design meaning that some of the edges are actually framed. For those with no or minimal natural light coming into the bathroom, the frameless shower screen works better.



As mentioned earlier, the frameless shower screen requires a thicker glass than semi-frameless shower screens. Making semi-frameless shower screens the better choice for those on a budget. As frameless screens are more complex to install, this may also affect the final installation costs.



Both semi-frameless and frameless shower screens use tempered and toughened glass, which is designed to be extremely safe and durable. According to Australian Standards, frameless shower screens need to use 10mm thick glass while semi-frameless glass screens only need to be 6mm thick. However, the semi-frameless screen’s thickness doesn’t affect its strength as it is supported by the frames. In the case of breakage, the glass is designed to shatter into tiny cubes making it safe, secure and practical for the bathroom.



Regardless of the type of shower screen, it should be installed by a reliable shower screen installer. An entirely frameless shower screen is slightly easier to install than a semi-frameless one as it has fewer parts to fit. It is important that there are no gaps in your shower screen if you select a semi-frameless shower screen as this will prevent leakage.



Glass shower screens are easy to maintain and clean, but a frameless shower screen is even easier to look after since it has fewer edges. Both options are still easy to maintain, especially if a protective coating has been applied o prevent soap scum and drip marks.


Semi-frameless and frameless shower screens can be safe and hassle-free if you are using a qualified shower screen installer. Contact us today to discuss which type of shower screen is more suitable for your bathroom or to get a free quote.

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