Pool Fencing in Sydney: A Safety Reminder for Homeowners

May 11, 2021

It is officially the cooler time of the year and as a leading glass pool fencing installer in Sydney, we think it is the perfect time to remind everyone about their pool fence compliance so everyone stays safe. Unless your pool is indoors, you will probably be using it less and less as the weather keeps getting cooler.

Statistics show that pool accidents are less common in cooler months, but this does not preclude them from happening. They are not exclusive to any weather and almost one-third of drownings happen outside summertime. This means no one can afford to be complacent about pool safety.

Protect your family by ensuring your pool is safely contained behind a reliable glass pool fence that meets all pool compliance requirements.


Pool Fence Compliance Laws & Regulations in Sydney

We recently wrote a blog post that summarises all pool fencing compliance and requirements as outlined by Fair Trading NSW. While these are a great starting point, your safety is not ensured by just ticking these boxes. We have been installing glass pool fences throughout Sydney for over 15 years and we always advise our customers that these are just the bare minimum requirements to remain compliant. Each house may have unique characteristics that would alter safety requirements.

If you are not certain about how to ensure your pool fence is compliant, talk to your pool fencing company and ask for advice.

At Sydney Frameless Glass, our team has the required experience and training to install glass fencing around pools that meets or exceeds NSW regulations.

Pool gates are another area of concern as they could compromise overall safety. Regulation states that gates, being movable elements, require regular attention since they are prone to a higher degree of wear and tear. To comply with local regulations, pool fences in Sydney must have their gates opening outwards away from the pool, and be self-closing and latching from any open position. The latch release mechanism also needs to be a minimum of 1500mm above ground level.

Check your pool fence for wear and tear and see if it requires repairing or replacement, as compliance must be met all year round. Your family’s safety should always come first.

As fully qualified, trained and experienced glass pool fence installers and contractors, the team at Sydney Frameless Glass is up to date on the relevant legislation and requirements for pool fencing. Contact us today for your pool fence needs in Sydney.

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