Is Glass Pool Fencing Hard To Keep Clean?

September 6, 2021

Glass fencing is one of the most popular pool fencing choices for homes. As it becomes increasingly affordable, you do have to put in some effort to keep it clean. Glass pool fencing isn’t difficult to keep maintained however, requires regular cleaning to keep its crisp look. Whether you have an indoor or outdoor pool fence, it will be exposed to various elements including dust, water splashes, and oily fingerprints. A quality glass pool fence is easy to clean and should not cost you much to maintain.

Tips and Tricks For Keeping Glass Pool Fence Clean

There is no secret hack to cleaning your pool fence. We recommend that you lightly clean your glass fence at least once every month. The number of times you should clean it per month can depend on whether the pool is indoor or outdoor, how often does it get exposed to dirt. These are the few ways to get your glass pool fence in pristine condition.


Warm Water and Dishwashing Detergent

Similar to cleaning other glass structures such as shower screens and windows. You can clean your pool fence easily by using some warm water and dishwashing liquid to remove all the dirt. After washing you can either let it air dry or dry it with a micro-fibre cloth to avoid scratching the service.


Avoid Commercial Glass Cleaners

You have to be careful and not overdo the simple tasks when it comes to cleaning your glass pool fence. Using harsh cleaning chemicals can sometimes end up causing the glass to lose its shine and creates unnecessary scratches, which impacts its longevity. These scratches will also make the regular cleaning job much harder over time, so it’s better you stick to hosing and not try to overdo the job. 


Regular Cleaning

Just like cleaning anything in your house, your glass pool fence will be much easier to clean if it’s regularly hosed down. A build-up of grime, dust or grease will only make it harder to clean over time if left for an extended period and that could lead to a rusty look on your glass pool fence.


Use Soft Bristle Broom

When you are cleaning your glass pool fence, make sure you use a broom that has soft bristles, as this will not only help get rid of grime build up in restricted spots but will also avoid scratching the glass.


Clean Glass Posts and Railings

Depending on the design of your glass pool fence, you could have posts fitting and railings that should also be cleaned. The build-up of grime can cause corrosion or rust and impact the longevity and structural security overtime.


Apply Glass Protective Coating

Applying a permanent glass protective coating that adds an extra layer of protection, protecting it from dust build-up and reducing the effort required for cleaning. There are many products available on the market that are highly effective and have been specially formulated to make the surface repellent to water and other contaminants.


Glass pool fences are easy to clean and doesn’t require any special chemicals. The key to maintaining a sparkling pool fence is to regularly have a light clean and touch up.  Are you thinking about installing or replacing your existing pool fence? Talk to our team at Sydney Frameless Glass or call us on 1300 388 920 and get a quote today.

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