How To Clean Glass Shower Screen

July 9, 2022

There’s no doubt that glass shower screens are the most popular choice for modern bathrooms. Not only do they create a chic minimalist look, they’re also more practical and much safer than the alternative of a shower curtain. However, while shower curtains can be replaced once they start to become overrun by soap scum and limescale, glass shower screens are designed to last for years and years, meaning you’ll need to devise a good cleaning routine to keep them looking sparkling clean. 


Why Do Glass Shower Screens Get Dirty?

Your shower is a high-use area that is regularly exposed to dirt, water and personal care products, meaning it can quickly become dirty. Hard water, soap scum and limescale can all build up on your glass shower screen, leading to foggy-looking glass that can’t be cleaned with just a quick wipe with a damp cloth like lots of other areas in your house. 

How Often Should You Clean Your Glass Shower Screen?

Like most things, your shower screen is easier to clean if you make a habit of doing it regularly, as long-term build-up can harden and be more difficult to shift. In fact, in some cases, your shower screen can even be permanently damaged by buildup that etches your glass. Ideally, you should clean your shower screen about once a week, although if you really want it to sparkle you could try incorporating a very quick clean into your daily shower routine. End each shower with a scrub, rinse and squeegee and you could save yourself hours in scrubbing further down the line.

What Do You Need To Clean Your Shower Screen?

There are a number of different ways to clean your shower screen and some of the most effective methods use affordable pantry staples rather than expensive shower cleaning products. Some of the household products you can use to clean your shower screen include:

  • Home-made shower cleaner 

  • Baking soda

  • Vinegar

  • Dishwashing detergent

  • Hydrogen peroxide and bicarb


In addition to your cleaning products of choice, you’ll need:

A coarse cloth/scourer/brush

A squeegee

 How To Clean Shower Screen?

Step 1: Clean

The way you clean your shower screen will depend on the cleaning products you have chosen to use.


Home-made shower cleaner

Mix a cup of vinegar, a cup of hot water and a tablespoon of washing-up liquid in a spray bottle and spray generously around the shower screen. Use a coarse cloth to scrub the mixture into the glass.


Baking soda

Wet your shower screen, then use a cloth to scrub bicarb soda into the glass. For an extra boost, spray vinegar over the bi-carb before you rinse it off.  



Spray your shower screen with vinegar and give it a good scrub.


Dishwashing detergent

Squeeze some dishwashing detergent onto a cloth or brush, add some water and scrub the shower screen all over.


Hydrogen peroxide and bicarb

Combine equal parts hydrogen peroxide and bicarb soda to create a paste. Apply to your shower screen and scrub using a coarse cloth or brush.


Step 2: Rinse

Once you’ve given your shower screen a good scrub, it’s important you rinse it thoroughly. Residual cleaning products can actually damage your shower screen if not properly rinsed. A detachable showerhead is a great way to rinse your shower screen, but if you don’t have one you can simply fill a large jug or bucket with water and pour over the shower screen.


Step 3: Squeegee

You might think the job is done once you’ve rinsed your sparkling-clean shower screen, but squeegeeing is an essential step in the process, particularly if you have hard water. Hard water can create limescale build up and leave water marks on your screen. Once you’ve rinsed your shower screen, simply run the squeegee in vertical lines down your shower screen to sluice off any excess water. This will leave your shower dry, streak-free and sparkling clean. 



It’s easy to keep your glass shower screen looking fantastic by using some household staples and a little bit of elbow grease. If you’re looking to install a glass shower screen, contact Sydney Frameless Glass today.


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