Glass Pool Fence VS Aluminium Pool Fence

November 11, 2020

It is almost summer time and those who have a swimming pool on their properties cannot wait to enjoy their little private paradise with friends and family.

For this joyful time not to be interrupted, you need to ensure you have a reliable pool fence to guarantee a safe and accessible environment.

Many people are very hesitant and skeptical when choosing their pool fencing since everyone wants to get the best pool fencing available for their space, as pool fencing is one of the first and most important additions to your pool area. When contacted by customers, many ask us whether we recommend aluminium or glass panels for their pool fences, which can be tricky to answer. That is why we have summarised some key comparison points to help you choose the pool fencing best option for you.

Local Regulations

It is important to check local regulations with your pool fence installer before choosing one of the two options. Generally, homeowners are free to pick the material they prefer but it is advised to check recent regulation updates to stay current.


While pool fences are affordable, it is important to know if the pool fence you chose is going to be durable or not. It is a common misconception that aluminium fences are more durable than glass pool fencing, which is not true.

Aluminium fencing might be less durable due to the harsh weather extremes in Sydney, exposing them to rust, where glass pool fences can better withstand almost any weather condition. Many people think about breakage with glass pool fencing, which is almost impossible.


This is very subjective and depends on the preference of each person. Both options can be very stylish and add beauty to your space. However, we find aluminium fencing more striking and noticeable, while the glass is almost invisible and does not obstruct your view in any way. Aluminium fencing can, however, be adequately adapted to fit your needs.


The main reason for having a pool fence is to ensure the safety of everyone, especially young ones. Unlike glass, aluminium bars and grates can help limit access and visibility to the pool, and can also be more easily climbable.

Check the local regulations if you should have a non-climbable zone, in which case aluminium fencing might not be the perfect solution for you.

Glass pool fencing provides a non-climbable and child-safe situation that allows you to enjoy the time in your pool without any worry


Pools generally require a high level of maintenance. When choosing your pool fencing, you do not want to add to your maintenance costs.

With the glass pool fencing by Sydney Frameless Glass, all you need to do is wipe down the panel with water and a glass cleaner. You can do it yourself without any extra cost or the help of a professional cleaning company.


We all have budgets for any home improvement investment, so it is important to note that glass pool fences might be more expensive than the aluminium counterpart. But this is for all the incredible benefits that glass pool fencing offers. You also need to consider the cost of ongoing maintenance that comes with aluminium fences.

If you are looking to get the best pool fencing in Sydney, talk to our team at Sydney Frameless Glass and get a quote today.

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