April 11, 2021

Glass pool fences will get dirty over time just like any structure at your home if not cleaned and maintained regularly. That said, high-quality glass fencing companies will install low maintenance structures that are easy to clean and maintain. Pool fences are daily exposed to harsh weather conditions, dirt, handprints, and grime; all these elements will compromise the beauty of the fence. So, how are you to maintain its beauty and style of your fence without compromising its integrity?

As a leading glass pool fencing and balustrading installer in Sydney, we have put together some effortless maintenance tips that will allow you to enjoy an unobstructed and clear view of your pool without spending a lot of time or money on cleaning.



Glass pool fences are extremely popular and are gaining even more popularity due to the advanced technology that allows them even more longevity and durability.

We recommend the following for cleaning glass pool fences:

      For regular cleaning and maintenance, any regular glass cleaner should do the job. Make sure you are using a scratch-free cloth or pad.

      Dirt and dust are usually washed away by rainwater, but simple hosing and cleaning are great if your fence is not exposed to rainwater or if it hasn’t been raining.

      Any visible dirt should be removed by using a damp microfiber cloth then dry out with a scratch-free towel.



Glass is kept in place using rails and posts that are manufactured from other materials such as aluminium. These should also be cleaned to ensure a spotless look is maintained. This can be achieved by mixing warm water with a dishwashing liquid. More stubborn dirt may require soft fibre brushes. Rinse with clean water and you are done!

If there are any greasy deposits, clean them with a white spirit or mineral spirit using a soft cloth.

Caution: Avoid using any coarse cleaning papers since these will cause scratching.



There is no solid advice on how often you should be cleaning your glass pool fence since this will depend on the environment.

For favourable locations that are rural or far away from urban and industrial areas, you can leave it for up to 6 months, but, ongoing maintenance is important to avoid stubborn stains.

Other locations that are a bit closer to urban activity may require a good clean every 3 months. If you are located in an area that is exposed to salt deposition or other harsh conditions, frequent maintenance every fortnight or month is advisable. In this case, it is also a good idea to speak to your pool fencer about any possible glass treatments that could extend the cleaning intervals.

Caution: Do not choose products that contain metal scrapers, steel wool, blades, hyaluronic acid, or fluorine derivatives and those that contain high amounts of alkaline and acidic that could damage your glass over time. This will also depend on the type of glass and coating or treatment that your glass fencing company has installed for you. Generally, go for mild products, not harsh chemicals.

If you would like to install a glass pool fence or replace your current one, talk to our team of pool fencers today.

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