Glass Balustrades: What Are the Benefits?

March 15, 2021

Glass balustrades have been used in many buildings for decades to support staircases and balconies. Glass has been a popular choice not only because of its beauty but also due to its functionality.

At Sydney Frameless Glass, we do not just supply and install glass balustrades but also glass pool fencing, shower screens and more to complement modern architecture and interior design. Being one of the best glass balustrades company in Sydney, we have put together the benefits that glass balustrades offer.

1. Illusional Space

Glass gives the illusion of a larger space within a living place, especially when the balustrades are made of frameless clear glass, giving your place an expansive feel. This illusion is impossible to achieve with metal balustrades.

2. Illumination

Since glass is transparent, it does not block the light and gives the space a much brighter and fresher look.

3. Modern look

Glass balustrades give a modern spark to a place, with a touch of sophisticated elegance and adds value to your house.

4. Maintenance

Glass is easy to maintain and clean, therefore, many prefer glass balustrades over other materials, especially in commercial settings. All you need is a piece of cloth and any glass cleaning product.

5. Durability

Glass is exceptionally strong and highly durable. The glass is expected to last for years if installed by a professional glass fencing or balustrading company. Unlike other materials, glass is not prone to infestation or corrosion.

6. Mix N’ Match

It is easy to find the right style that fits your place since glass can be designed with metal, wood, or stone to support the balustrades, or using a shaded or patterned glass.

7. Safety

Safety and security are important when installing balustrades therefore glass is now a popular choice for balustrading with the advanced technology making it extremely hard to break.

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