Should You Choose Frameless Or Framed Glass Pool Fencing?

July 2, 2021


Pools are often the spectacular of our outdoor spaces, enjoyed in the summer and even in winter by the few. However, many people are hesitant when choosing the type of pool fencing, they should install. When approaching your pool design, there are several things to consider when choosing a glass pool fencing including:


Framed glass pool fencing around a pool


Glass pool fences are made from sturdy tempered glass and are robust enough to withstand minor damage. Frameless glass pool fencing installation is quite similar in terms of reliability and sturdiness to framed glass. The spigots of a frameless fence are commonly embedded directly into the ground, or into stainless steel spigots that are cemented down into the ground for extra stability.

Framed glass pool fencing is secured with the help of sturdy posts that are usually made of stainless steel. While stainless-steel posts are typically embedded very deeply into the ground, to ensure maximum stability, even in case of extreme wind or harsh weathering.

Another option to consider when discussing durability is semi-framed glass pool fencing. This still relies on stainless steel posts, but the posts aren’t quite as big and often don’t touch the bottom and top of the glass panels. This way, the aesthetic impact of the posts is minimised.



Both frameless glass pool fencing and framed glass pool fencing are categorised as modern in style and will allow you to enjoy your outdoor space. Glass is less noticeable than other materials used in pool fencing, such as wood, concrete or steel, just to mention a few, and are made from sturdy tempered glass.

If you are looking to preserve your view completely, a frameless glass fence is a perfect way to admire everything your pool has to offer while protecting your children and pets from accidents, with no posts between panels.

Framed glass pool fencing on the other hand may not provide the same flawless view. Either way, both of these options allow you to keep your backyard pool safe without compromising the aesthetic beauty. It just goes down to preference.



Glass pool fences will get dirty over time and require regular cleaning. Between harsh weather, dirt, handprints and grime, some effort will need to be given to keep its beauty and shine. However, these glass pool fencing maintenance requirements do not change much between framed and frameless glass fencing.

For glass cleaning, any regular glass cleaner should do the job. For dirt and dust on glass and stainless-steel posts, a good wash with a hose should do the job. For grime left on posts and rails, try mixing warm water and dishwashing liquid to give them a good clean.


Before you make any glass pool fence purchases, it’s also important to ensure that your fencing is up to Australian Pool Safety standards. If you are interested in installing glass pool fencing in Sydney, talk to our team at Sydney Frameless Glass or call us on 1300 388 920 and get a quote today.


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