Enhance Your Home’s Look: Frameless Glass for Every Interior Design Style

April 11, 2024

We get it, everyone has a unique style. While some seek the cosy and cluttered feel, others thrive in an environment that’s straightforward, sleek and minimalist. From rustic to art deco, coastal to contemporary, there are a variety of interior design styles to choose from. What might not be as transparent, however, is how to match those styles with frameless glass. That’s where we come in! In this blog, we’ll explore some of the main interior design styles and how you can use frameless glass to enhance them. 




Originating from the Nordic countries for which it is named, Scandinavian designs are light and airy with a focus on highlighting natural materials such as wood. It often features clean lines, a neutral colour palette and cozy textiles. Large frameless glass doors and windows with wooden finishes are a great way to enhance the minimalist aesthetic favoured in the Scandinavian style. Combined with clean white walls and wooden floorboards, this look can truly make your home stand out.




The minimalist design follows the simple principle that “less is more”. Fans of this style love empty space and hate clutter, preferring functional furniture that can double up as additional storage and basic, contrasting colours, such as black and white. Frameless glass balustrades or partitions with black matte finishes are ideal for minimalist interiors as they create a sense of openness and continuity without adding unwanted visual clutter. 




Not to be confused with minimalism or contemporary, modern interior design first became popular in the mid-1900s. It is characterised by geometric shapes, bold, colourful furniture, and central art pieces. Metal, chrome and glass are commonly featured materials, making frameless glass a popular design feature in these homes. Unique design elements like spiral glass staircases with metal finishings are sure to optimise the drama and opulence of these interiors. 




As the name suggests, industrial design has an “unfinished” look, inspired by old factories and warehouses. It champions raw materials like concrete, steel and brick, drawing attention to features like pipes and beams rather than hiding them away. Frameless glass supported by black metal frames is guaranteed to highlight industrial spaces while adding an air of modernity and openness. 


Mid-Century Modern


An ode to classic, post-war American homes, mid-century modern is a design style that remains popular. Similar to modern designs, it gets playful with bold colours and decorative furniture, showcasing artworks and statement pieces. Another important element of mid-century modern is creating an indoor-to-outdoor flow. Sliding doors that extend onto frameless glass balconies can make this transition seamless while maintaining character. 




Eclectic and free-spirited, the bohemian, or boho, design style celebrates creativity, colour, patterns and textures, with an emphasis on individuality. Incorporating elements from nature like indoor plants and wooden floorboards is an important aspect of these interiors. Frameless glass partitions and glass walls can help enhance natural light and add a sense of airiness to the bohemian aesthetic. 




Relaxed vibes, simplicity and natural materials are a focus of coastal interior design. The colour palette of this style is inspired by the beach, with a mix of whites, blues and browns popular choices among coastal designers. Glass balconies and glass pool fences that evoke the feeling of being a beachside resort only further enhance the coastal look. 




Encouraging self-expression, the eclectic style allows individuals to blend different elements in their homes in unexpected ways. While at first, it may seem like a mish-mash of whatever you can get your hands on, it’s important to note that the eclectic style thoughtfully combines furniture, art and accessories to create a look that is unique as well as strategic. Custom glass designs that add an artistic element to the home and even mirrored glass, can help add visual interest to eclectic spaces.


Art Deco


Luxury and boldness are at the heart of Art Deco designs. With eye-catching, rich colours, intricate patterns and gold accents, this interior design style truly marches to the beat of its own drum. Adding frameless glass features to these homes can introduce a touch of glamour and sophistication. For instance, glass shower screens (with gold mounts of course!) can make any bathroom shine. 




Referring to the most popular and up-to-date interior designs, contemporary is the one style that can change over time. Currently, the style focuses on openness, clean lines and neutral colour palettes. Frameless glass is most at home here, as it helps to enhance a sense of spaciousness. As such, it can be effortlessly incorporated into the flow of any contemporary home, from staircases to pool fencing. 


Whether you’re drawn to straight lines or curvy ones, bold and rich colours or neutral palettes, there are many ways that you can incorporate frameless glass into your preferred interior design style. The key is careful planning and a dash of creativity! If you want to learn more about how you can use frameless glass to enhance the aesthetics of your space, then get in touch with the team at Sydney Frameless Glass for free expert advice, measures and quotes.

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