DIY vs Professional Glass Pool Fencing Installation

August 13, 2021

Glass pool fencing is a beautiful fencing option for pools that allows an unobstructed view of the natural surroundings. When researching glass pool fencing installation, the big question that often comes up is should you go the DIY or professional route? DIY installation is becoming an increasingly popular option however, you should weigh up the pros and cons before making that decision. Here are the pros and cons of DIY glass pool fencing installation.

DIY Glass Pool Fencing Installation


·         Save Money

The benefit of undertaking pool fence installation yourself is that you don’t have to pay for installation or labour. The only cost for DIY installations will be your own time and the fencing materials. However, if you choose the DIY option, you will not be covered by warranty or insurance if anything goes wrong in the future.


·         Customisation

If you have the required skills and expertise, the pool fencing can be customised and designed to fit your exact vision. As glass pool fencing comes in a variety of colours and styles, professionals can often provide multiple quality fence designs.



·         Unskilled Installation

There is a significant chance that you will incorrectly install the glass pool fencing. Residential framed and frameless glass pool fences need to be compliant with pool safety standards. Installing glass panels requires special tradesman skills. You do not want to be facing fines for non-compliant pool fencing.  


·         Time Demanding

DIY glass pool fencing installation can be extremely resource and time demanding. It can take up numerous amounts of hours and can cause unnecessary stress. During DIY installation, you may find yourself backtracking and redoing elements later on if the installation does not go well.


·         Physically Demanding

Installing a glass pool fence is a physically demanding task that takes strength and skill. Glass panels can weigh a significant amount and is often difficult to move around and install alone. Physical work can often exhaust individuals that are not used to physical labour.


Having your glass pool fencing professionally installed offers peace of mind. When you are using professional pool fencing installers, you don’t have to worry about safety hazards or pool construction regulations. Professional installers have the experience to install your glass fencing quickly and safely. Another major benefit of having your pool fencing professionally installed is that you can select from a range of styles and options.


Glass pool fences are known for their durability and low maintenance. Thinking about installing glass pool fences? Contact our Sydney Frameless Glass team or call 1300 388 920 to get a quote today. 

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