Are Glass Pool Fences Safe?

October 11, 2021

Are Glass Pool Fences Safe?

Swimming pools in NSW are required by law to have a pool fence to protect young children from unsupervised access to avoid any potential accidents from occurring. While pool fences can come in different styles and materials, glass pool fencing is an increasingly popular choice due to its durability and aesthetics when compared to other pool fences.


What Are Glass Pool Fences Made From?

Glass pool fences are usually made of tempered and toughened glass that is usually between 8mm to 12mm in thickness. Quality glass fences are engineered to be virtually unbreakable and resistant to strong impacts because of their chemical and thermal characteristics. The Australian Fencing Standard (AS 2820-1993) states that a glass pool fence should safely last for at least 10,000 cycles if it is used for a residential or commercial pool.


Types Of Glass Pool Fences

The 2 most popular glass pool fences that homeowners usually choose are frameless and semi-frameless. Each with its own merits.

Frameless Glass Pool Fences

As the name implies, this type of glass pool fence features a completely frameless glass panel. It is the preferred choice for many homes as it provides a crisp look and unobstructed view of the surrounding. When paired with stainless steel pool spigots, expect nothing less than the most elegant pool fence.

Semi-Frameless Glass Pool Fences

Though less common, semi-frameless fences are still a great option for those that want something stylish yet different. They are often preferred in strata complexes as they are more cost-effective when installed in bulk for larger spaces.


Glass Pool Fence Australian Regulations

Each state in Australia has a different set of regulations when it comes to pool fencing. We have summarised the current pool fence regulations that homeowners must adhere to in NSW:

        Minimum height of 1.2m from the ground

        Maximum gap of 10 cm at the bottom

        Maximum gap of 10 cm between any vertical bars in the fence

        If a boundary fence is part of the pool fence, the barrier must be 1.8m high

        If there are horizontal climbable bars, they must be spaced at least 90cm apart

        Perforated or mesh barriers must have holes of a maximum of 13mm for fence heights of 1.2m

        Perforated or mesh barriers of 1.8m height with holes greater than 13mm must not exceed 100mm


It is also important that the pool fence is well-maintained and functional.


Why Do Glass Pool Fences Explode?

Glass pool fences when manufactured correctly to Australian standard have an extremely low chance of exploding. Glass fences that are made from tempered glass can withstand a temperature of over 200ᵒC. In the unlikely event that the fence breaks, it is designed to shatter into small cubes rather than sharp pieces.  

So, why does glass pool fences shatter?

·         Manufacturing defects

·         Slight chips on the edge of the glass

·         Extreme severe winds and incorrect glass thickness

·         If the glass is installed into a frame and expands (no room for movement)


Are Glass Pool Fences Safer Than Other Types Of Pool Fences?

Glass pool fences have been used for decades and are one of the best choices when it comes to pool safety, especially for households with young children. Kids tend to find it difficult to climb glass panels as it is slippery and usually doesn’t feature any tubular bars that they can use as a foothold to climb.


Glass pool fences are a great choice for pool owners that are looking to install or replace their pool fencing. Whether you are interested in frameless or semi-frameless fencing, you can trust Sydney Frameless Glass with your pool fence. Contact us today for a quote.

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