6 Reasons To Buy Glass Shower Screens For Your Bathrooms

June 23, 2021

Glass shower screens create a stellar statement, making any bathroom a luxury. Glass provides a refined and streamlined finish that makes both classic and modern rooms feel stylish. As Sydney glass experts, we have gathered 6 of our top reasons you should choose a glass shower for your next project.


Easy To Clean

When compared to shower curtains, glass shower screens are a breeze to keep clean. They are better at keeping water off the floor and reduce the possibility of soap scum, mould and long-term rust formation. No scrubbing required!


Glass showers come in standard sizes that make buying them easy and efficient. If you are looking for something more customised, such as when updating an existing bathroom, they can be cut to your specifications. The shower screens can also come in a range of finishes, such as clear, acid, rain and low iron. This provides flexibility to any project.


As glass takes a long time to disintegrate, you can rest assured shower screens supplied by experienced glass companies are durable and will serve you well.

Natural Light

Bathrooms often look more spacious and open with glass shower screens as they allow natural light to fill the room, unlike shower curtains. The bathroom becomes one unbroken space that can be more energy efficient.

Inexpensive Update

If you are looking to revitalise a tired and outdated bathroom, glass shower screens can revitalise a room without costing as much as a full bathroom renovation. They can enhance the value of your home with a simple change.

Modern Aesthetics

Glass shower screens look modern, stylish and streamlined. Moreover, they can enhance a space by making it look more spacious and open, allowing other features in the bathroom to be more prominent.


Sydney Frameless Glass stocks shower screens that are frameless, semi-framed or fully framed, to blend into any interior design without sacrificing functionality. Be it any style or size, trust that our expert consultants at Sydney Frameless Glass can help you find the perfect fit for your project. Feel free to talk to one of our team on 1800 502 084 or contact us today.

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